Steve grew up on a farm in Yamhill County and has been around
agricultural equipment his entire life.  Until the opening of VVTE, he
was a diesel and equipment mechanic for a large construction
company.  During those years Steve continued his eduction through
various manufacturer's specialized classes and seminars.

Valley View Tractor & Equipment, Inc's primary goal is to offer
extended service beyond the sale with part support and either shop
or mobile repair services.  This is a natural extension of the
company's creed that we supply quality products at competitive
prices to local or out of state customers in a timely manner.  VVTE
can achieve this by keeping every product we sell in stock, or close
at hand, including the parts and support that are necessary.

We want to thank our current customers for their faith and support of
VVTE and hope that you too will become one of our extended 'family'

Steven L. Roy
Steven L. Roy
Valley View Tractor & Equipment, Inc.
503.554.8179 phone